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Level 1 (1st - 4th grades), Level 2 (5th - 8th grades) and Level 3 (Associate - Licentiate diplomas).



Published in the Manual of Syllabuses and available as a digital download.

2018 Trumpet Syllabus


Grade books

Orchestral Brass Trumpet Series 1 grade books and Brass Series 1 grade books accompany Level 1 grades. 



Technical Work

Candidates are to consult the Technical Work requirements in Horn and Trumpet: Technical Work.


Sight Reading

Candidates may prepare for Sight Reading tests with Brass Sight Reading.


Orchestral excerpts

Candidates may select orchestral excepts from Brass Orchestral Excerpts for presentation at examination.


Arban method for Trumpet

There are several editions of the Arban Method book with different numberings and page numbers. To help identify the correct works, use the following links that correctly point to the exercises listed in the syllabus. Then compare the correct exercise to your own edition of the Arban method. 

Pages 1-56

Pages 57-122

Pages 123-190

Pages 191-282

Pages 283-347