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2016 Manual of Syllabuses coming this November

Back again and bigger than ever - the 2016 Manual of Syllabuses will be released this November in both print and digital formats. The 2016 edition will include the new Musical Theatre syllabus and the new Musicianship diplomas alongside the updated standard syllabuses. Rockschool syllabuses will be not be included in the print edition of the Manual of Syllabuses. 


The print edition will be available online and from AMEB Preferred Retailers from November this year. We will also offer the syllabuses as single instrument or instrument family downloads via the AMEB Online Shop

2016 manual of syllabuses


The price of the 2016 Manual of Syllabuses will remain unchanged for another year ($24.95) and individual syllabus downloads ($9.95) and instrument family download ($14.95) prices also remain unchanged. A complete syllabus download will be offered for the first time for $19.95.

Why does AMEB charge for syllabuses?

AMEB is a not-for-profit organisation and receives no government (or other) funding. This means AMEB is entirely self funded through the cost of exams and the sale of publications. Revenue raised from sales of publications is used to fund further syllabus development as well as online platforms for learning and examining.  Selling the Manual of Syllabus has been part of the business model of AMEB for many years. If AMEB was to provide the syllabuses at no cost there would be a loss of revenue to the organisation that would have to be made up in a different way - either by increasing the cost of publications or exams. The Manual of Syllabuses is a widely distributed book and therefore provides a fair way of sharing costs across a large proportion of the AMEB community.


Syllabuses in focus

 A closer look at AMEB's newest, most innovative syllabuses yet.

  • How a new syllabus is made - When does AMEB decide to review a syllabus, why are they reviewed and what does the review process involve?
  • Piano Series 17: Staff picks - We've had a head start getting to know Series 17 piano repertoire intimately. Hear our favourites from the new series.
  • Musical Theatre (2016) -  At the end of 2015, the AMEB will launch an entirely new Musical theatre syllabus with a series of supporting publications. 
  • Musicianship Diplomas (2016) - At the end of 2015, grades 7 and 8 will be removed and new diploma papers will be offered including Licentiate.