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Oboe Series 1 Teacher Pack - Level 1

Series 1 Oboe Level 1 Teacher Pack

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Series 1 Oboe Level 1 Teacher Pack


This teacher pack includes the Preliminary to Grade 4 Grade Books, Oboe Technical Work (2017), Oboe Sight-Reading (2017) and a bonus Practice Diary, all at a discounted rate. Learn the exam repertoire, study for the General Knowledge questions and listen to professional recordings of their pieces. Record practice time, keep notes from lessons, and enjoy general music and theory glossaries and guides with the practice diary.

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Study (Lyons) ♫ Walzerlied (Maiwald) ♫ Give me a rest (Sparke) ♫ Exercise (Taylor) ♫ Kleiner Walzer (Bonsor) ♫ Daydreaming (Hinchliffe) ♫ Goe from my window (Morley arr. Hodgson) ♫ Fais dodo (Traditional arr. Howell) ♫ March of the ducks (Hinchliffe) ♫ The cool camel (Lyons) ♫ Clown dance (Traditional arr. Howell) ♫ Wrap it up (Wedgwood) ♫ Siciliano (Doemens) ♫ Lesson (Garnier) ♫ The lame sheep (Salter) ♫ Exercise (Wastall) ♫ Vom Himmel hoch (J.S. Bach arr. Hodgson) ♫ Modal lament (Barratt) ♫ Nocturne (Hinchliffe) ♫ Water lilies (Watts) ♫ Miss P. Dolce (Lyons) ♫ In the groove (Morris) ♫ March (Richardson) ♫ Mama Paquita (Traditional arr. Howell) ♫ Etude (Brod) ♫ Study (Lyons) ♫ Ghost town (Sparke) ♫ Ten green bottles (Traditional arr. Taylor) ♫ Oriental tale (Brumby) ♫ Stargazing (Morris) ♫ Die Zufriedenheit (Mozart arr. Howell) ♫ Wiegenlied (Schubert arr. Hodgson) ♫ Time was (Butterworth) ♫ The gadfly said to the fly (Grieg arr. Hodgson) ♫ Torry Burn (Traditional arr. Barratt) ♫ Tangerine (Wedgwood) ♫ Etude (Brod) ♫ Study (Hinke) ♫ Study (Lyons) ♫ Gnome (Salter) ♫ Theme (Beethoven arr. Howell) ♫ Study (Jacob) ♫ A day in the Brindabellas (Morris) ♫ Sommeil – rondeau tender (Rameau arr. Hodgson) ♫ Toreador's song (Bizet arr. Hodgson) ♫ Arles (Broadstock) ♫ Honky tonk (Kelly) ♫ Easy tiger (Wedgwood) ♫ Etude (Brod) ♫ Prelude (Hotteterre) ♫ Etude (Karg-Elert) ♫ Csardas (Wiedermann) ♫ Nocturne (Brumby) ♫ Cradle song (Hyde) ♫ Andante cantabile (Mendelssohn(-Bartholdy) arr. Howell) ♫ Un moto di gioia (Mozart arr. Hodgson) ♫ Pastoral and Scherzetto (Jacob) ♫ The native garden (Martin) ♫ Ticker-tongue (Smith) ♫ Andante and Gigue (Vivaldi arr. Wye) ♫ + Technical Work + Sight Reading

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